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Aggregation Services

• Best human support in the market• SaaS - software as a service - White Label Digital Music Distribution Platform for professional record labels and digital distributors.RESTful API centric technology for all your distribution needs.

YouTube Music Content ID

YouTube CMS Tier "A"

• We have the best YouTube Content ID paid contract in the market, called "Tier A".• A dedicated team of experts with all the official certifications to optimize your YouTube Content ID.

Bitcoin, royalties, reporting

Economic Transparency

• Clear Royalty Reports, Statements and Payments.Direct Contracts with all major DSPs (Tik Tok, Twitch, Spotify, Amazon Music, Youtube Music, Pandora, Apple Music, Instagram, TIDAL, Deezer, Soundcloud and +)Merlin Network Licensed Members.• The Recording Academy (GRAMMYs) voting members.

real-time monitoring like never before, daily trends, analytics, dsps

Real-Time Monitoring like never before

Daily Trend Analytics

  • your marketing now makes sense

  • analytics to drive your strategy

  • our API to connect with the future


We only work with companies with professional commitment.


letter from our founder & ceo fer

fer isella

i'm a musician + producer + technologist

My personal and professional focus is to help the independent music industry thrive through technology, strategy and's my 30 year experienceWe have accomplished this mission for more than 20 years, and now thanks to limbo music, hundreds of artists and labels enjoy creative and economic sovereignty


We only work with a particular selection of musical projects where the mutual commitment, passion and effort must be equal.Honesty, loyalty, talent and, most of all, hard-working are a requirementWe work with those who know how to meet deadlines.



White Label Digital Music Distribution

catalog admin on white label music distribution platform
  • Your business, your branding.

  • Admin parent and child accounts

  • Catalog and asset management

  • QA delivery and distribution